255x128.pngMetaHolding with a non-government business model began its activities in 2000. The company is run by the managing director and board of directors and all its administrative activities are done by its affiliated companies. The R&D, management, financial control and logistics are operated in the parent company. This holding aims to bridge the Middle East to North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. The holding members are active in the following areas:

1. IT, electrical engineering and civil engineering, Business and Economics training

2. Event management

3. Technical and Engineering Services

4- Business services and Business match making

5- Petrochemical and oil derivatives import and export

6. Issuing Insurance for goods and services export

7. Providing consultation for business planning and business development

8. Market research, Domestic and foreign marketing services

9. Producing electronic and paper content

Meta-Holding members are active in its companies in Canada, Iran, Malaysia and the United Arabic Emirates.