Metaco Professional training Center

The Metaco professional trainingCenter (PTC)
PTC has been formed with the aim of meeting the technical needs of organizations, institutions, companies, and guilds such as oil, gas, petrochemicals, refineries, power plants, industrial and non-industrial facilities, information technology, electricity, franchising, management, finance, and commerce. Having a team of most experienced professors and experts has enabled the Metaco Professional Training Center to offer its capabilities through various educational services in various technical and engineering fields. Thus, during the past 18 years, Metaco has held more than 2,500 technical and engineering training courses (more than 3,000 per year), both theoretical and practical, as workshops in sites and project centers and also at the companies and governmental and private organizations which has been able to contribute significantly to provide the necessary trainings in various technical and engineering fields in country.
Metaco capabilities, facilities, and equipment
1. The company is backed by its backgrounds, communication and experiences in domestic and international cooperation in Iran (Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, etc.), UAE, Turkey, Iraq, Oman, Malaysia, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, South Korea, China, Singapore, India and etc., in conducting educational, commercial and economic courses and events, prestigious domestic and international clients, and cooperating with top-notch domestic and foreign universities such as Kharazmi University , University of Steinbeis in Germany, University of OUM in Malaysia, Haaga-Helia University in Finland, University of Tehran Faculty of Management, Organization of Islamic Corporation-International Business Center (OIC-IBC), Organization of computer’s guild in the country, PWorld international company, is active in all educational groups(technical, engineering, management, finance, commerce, franchise group).
It is worth noting that providing a degree from reputable domestic and foreign universities for all short, long-term, and higher education courses, holding custom educational courses at the level of senior managers both internally and externally and conducting domestic and international educational tours plus specialized visits are also other services of this package.
The views and objectives of the PTC
Today, in the ultra-technological world, unless we have technical, professional and specialized educations, development -in general- means nothing. The growing trend of industry and technology has created a profound and qualitative revolution in the productive forces, including human resource and production methods. Professional, technical and specialized education is the pursuit of activities that can be used to obtain a job, a profession and prepare business or increase its ability and efficiency. These pieces of training bring skills in line with technology and related sciences along with related specific occupational knowledge and in different technical, engineering, and management parts.
The Metaco Professional Training Center (PTC) is presenting its services in order to increase the abilities, knowledge, skills, and power of understanding individuals and do more desirable work within their job responsibilities. Hence, by relying on the teachings and omnipotence of God and the experience and expertise of the managers and experts of the center, we have been able to share a negligible but effective contribution to the development of technical knowledge of the specialists and potentials of this great land, and we will continue to strive for a comprehensive development of specialized training and engineering.
PTC’s services
The Center provides various educational services in the form of prepared programs to various industrial units to meet in-service educational growing needs of professionals and engineers in various industries.
• Offering free courses: In-service free courses, for retraining and innovating employed and unemployed people who are seeking for jobs
• Providing in-house courses: Courses requested by various organizations and industries at the site and organization (which applied for the course) with the highest quality of education by prominent professors.
• Providing training and consulting workshops: Holding technical and specialized training workshops for the provision and updating of information resources of specialists and consulting workshops for the purpose of determining and assessing educational and technical requirements.
• Consulting and implementation of research projects: Feasibility, productivity, industrial design and…
• A Holding of specialized and practical educational seminars both inside and outside the country
• Holding domestic and foreign training tours along with specialized visits
• Designing, planning and implementing non-attendance and electronic training
• Invite international expert professors to hold professional training courses
• Needs assessment and educational planning, the establishment of a comprehensive education and learning system based on ISO 10015 and other requested standards, monitoring and performance evaluation
• Providing educational training programs for families of honorable employees of the Pars Energy Special Economic Zone Organization and subsidiaries
• Dispatches the distinguished experts of the organization in the form of educational tours in related fields
• Dispatching a professor related to the training needs and providing the necessary specialized training
• Scientific Content Generation
• Consultancy services in the form of the Metaco Professional Consultants Club
• The opportunity to hold general and specialized courses for all educational groups as follows in attached tables
• Holding specialized workshops in the mentioned fields.