Metaco Energy and new technologies

In recent years, variety of fields increasingly need high-level technical engineering services, which is a crucial necessity. In this regard new applications have been developed which can not be implemented easily.

In science and technology new visions are being developed based on interdisciplinary majors. Regarding this developments, in all fields particularly in engineering new activities have been started. Due to sharp increase of technology and keeping up with new technologies,it is highly necessary that we fill the gap in different fields and we be able to use new technologies to be self-sufficient.

Energy and new technology department has started its activities in fields such as new technologies and science to create and improve interdisciplinary majors in engineering to keep up with new industrial and technological changes particularly creation of considerable share in technology for the country. And also it has started its activities in field of renewable energies and smart management systems in buildings, new software and hardware ,and electronic engineering etc… since 2000.

Over these years with the presence of professional instructors and experts in our training courses we are deeply honored for providing services to engineers , organizations , private or governmental companies in the country.
For instance, electricity distributor companies in different provinces, industrial electricity syndicate of Iran, power research center, gas organization in Khorasan province, MAPNA, Foulad Mobarake complex in Isfahan( Mobarake steel company), lots of private companies in Tehran, Isfahan, Qom, Khorasan, Kerman, Fars, Yazd, Azerbaijan etc….