Metaco Training Center

Metaco-trainingpngMetaco training center, initially started as an after sales training center and gradually became an independent unit for meeting the educational needs of the information technology society. Before long, numerous students and learners in the form of individual groups, students, company staff, businesses and government agencies joined our large family. Thereafter, Metaco was selected as the educational Contractor for some large organizations to provide comprehensive IT training.

Metaco has always been trying to upgrade its scientific and business licenses along with its business, scientific and cultural activities and has therefore got the following licenses and approvals:

  • Information Technology training courses certificate from Iran Technical and Vocational Training Organization
  • Business Training certificate courses from Iran Technical and Vocational Training Organization
  • Private training institutions Association
  • Iran Informatics Associative companies
  • Isfahan computer Trade Union

One of the other activities of our educational complex is holding Educational tours inside and outside of the country and it has been greatly welcome since a great number of managers are busy and the courses are quickly administered on the tours. The tours have often crash courses in general management information technology management.

1. Educational facilities:

The main purpose of providing educational services is transferring expertise and knowledge to our dear students and trainees. We always cherish our motto, “Education is an all-time companion capital” in various fields and emphasize the practicality of education and training as the most important factor involved in educational affairs. That is why we emphasize that our teachers commit themselves to making their trainings practical to a great degree.

All training units and sites are equipped with great facilities and our Training Workshops are namely; networking, graphics, Electronics, automation, robotics and microcontroller.

2. Educational standards:

Metaco has committed itself to studying, conducting research and implementation of educational standards approved by international standard organizations to improve the quality of its educational activities.

3. Departments:

Our educational department is actively working on the following areas: Computer science, information technology, electricity and civil engineering.

4. Educational services:

In addition to training in information technology and engineering, training programs are offered by our professional consultants as the following:

  • Holding scientific seminars and practical workshops in Iran and abroad

  • Inviting professors for teaching professional courses

  • Holding foreign training tours as well as visiting exhibitions and educational, industrial and commercial centers

  • Providing consultation services for educational departments on specialized training standards

  • Providing consultation services for organizations educational departments on needs assessment of education

  • Providing consultation services for organizations educational departments on Education processes standards(IWA2-2004)

  • E-Learning

  • Providing education information management system for organizational training departments (software packages together with their corresponding trainings)