Isfahan Business Training Center

Isfahan Business Training Center

Business Training Center is an affiliate of research and study institution of ministry of industry, mine and commerce in Islamic Republic of Iran which has been established to develop human resources in field of business and enable them to keep up with new approaches in business since 1996.

Isfahan Business Training Center has started its activities since August of 2000 with new approach and has been an effective and honorable member among all the business training centers In the country.
The main activities which are being done to aid ministry of industry, mine and commerce in its training goals can be listed below:

1)holding short-term courses in fields of industry, mine and commerce, such as:

  • International business and commerce
  • Marketing and sale
  • Production, logistics and management of supply chain
  • E-commerce and IT
  • Exhibition industry
  • Management and system
  • Accounting, economics and financial management
  • Business English
  • Commerce law
  • Stock market
  • Official and organizational

2)Holding seminars and conferences

3)Certified by training strategic committee and under stock market supervision

4)Holding training courses in organizations

5)Agency for selling books which are published by ministry of industry, mine and commerce in Isfahan

6)Agency for selling books which are published by publishing organization of ministry of foreign affairs in Isfahan

7)Holding training courses to improve businesses for associations

8)Giving consultation to some engineering associations in Isfahan

9)Holding entrepreneurship and business management courses

10)Partnership in holding courses with Sharif University of Technology in ISfahan

11)Giving consultation about commerce and international training

12)Holding educational tours

13)Official agency of export guarantee fund of Iran in Isfahan

14)Executive of SETAD IRAN in Isfahan

15)Being in charge for issuing and expiring electronic certificates (RA) in Isfahan by agency of E-commerce development center of ministry of industry, mine and commerce.

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